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Kinondoni Legal Aid

  • Kinondoni Legal Aid

The LHRC’s Model Legal Aid Clinic is situated at Kinondoni Biafra, Isere Street, Justice Mwalusanya House, No. 660. The clinic operates through units in serving clients: The Strategic Litigation, Mobile Legal Aid, Family, Labour and Employment, Land, Civil Unit and the recent one, Psycho-Social Counselling.

The Legal aid is available to low income individuals and disadvantaged groups of the community for a variety of legal problems, including family disputes, basic employment rights, worker's compensation, landlord/tenant disputes, among others. For the criminal matters we do not generally entertainm as they are under Republic, although we may provide advise.

In empowering its clients, the Model Legal Aid prepares and disseminates legal topics in a simple Kiswahili language disseminate the same to the clients for quick referencing. This helps the indigent toaccess the court system and ensure the principles of equality before the law and due process under the rule of law are adhered to by all, irrespective of their status.

Activities at the clinic are meant to:

i)  To identify legal gaps/shortcomings for changes through research, advocacy and strategic litigation of public interest cases;

ii)  To increase awareness and capacity among Legal Aid Providers and the coordinator of the forthcoming National Legal Aid Network (under TLS/LSRP) on issues concerning:-

a. Strategic cases;

b. Access to justice; and

c. Form and contents of the Legal Aid Clinic.

Legal aid services are provided at the clinic every day of the week save for Wednesday from 8:30 AM to 12:00 noon.

We are available under the following addresses

LHRC -  Legal Aid Centre

Justice Mwalusanya House,

Isere Street House No. 660- Kinondoni Area

P. O. Box 79633 - Dar es Salaam

Tel/Fax: +255 22 2761205/6

E-Mail: legalaid@humanrights.or.tz