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Organization Structure

  • Organization Structure

Governance Structure 

LHRC is a membership organization with current membership base of more than 130 members. The organization is governed by the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which meets each year. AGM appoints Board of Directors and approve the external auditors. It also receives the audited accounts reports of the organization. LHRC has a Board of Directors (BoD). Currently there are 8 board members with different backgrounds; lawyers, human rights experts, religious leader, journalist, and accountants. The BoD is the supreme governance body. LHRC has a management team which is headed by the Executive Director.


Annual General Meeting (AGM)  

 LHRC boasts 133 members, two of which are organizations while others are individuals. Members form the Annual General Assembly, the highest organ of the organization. Affiliates meet annually to ensure the organization operates within its mandate and scope. The constituent deliberate on the contextual framework of the LHRC while receiving the Audited Financial and Annual Report. They are in charge of making decisions on general lines of policy, including the power to amend the memorandum and articles of association, as well as to appoint the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

LHRC has a Board of Directors (BoD) composed of 8 board members with different backgrounds: lawyers, human rights, media, finance and accountancy experts. The BoD is the supreme governance body

Names of Board Members:

1. Hon. Justice (retd) Barnabas Albert Samatta- Chairperson

2. Ms. Anna Aloys Henga (Adv.) - Secretary

3. Mr. Thaddeo W. Mashera - Member

4. Ms. Rebecca Z. Gyumi - Member

5. Ms. Anastazia Rugaba - Member

6. Ms. Sophia M. Komba - Member