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Annual Progress Report 2019

  • Annual Progress Report 2019


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Dear Friends and Colleagues, 
First of all, let me wish you a very happy new year as we start a new page in the year 2020.
As I open a new window on my computer to write down this message, I realize that I have so much to write when it comes to human rights and the work that LHRC has done in 2019. I am delighted to inform you that in 2019 LHRC played its part and significantly contributed to the promotion and protection of human rights in Tanzania, towards attaining a Just and Equitable Society. The year 2019 began with strategic planning, culminating in LHRC’s new roadmap, the Strategic Plan 2019-2024. 

The strategy outlines five strategic objectives which LHRC successfully started implementing towards the attainment of her vision. In line with this strategy LHRC, empowered members of the public on laws and human rights; influenced positive changes of laws and policy for the improved situation of human rights, especially for the most vulnerable groups such as PWDs, children and women; supported civic space initiatives throughout the country and influenced the change of practices and behaviours for enhanced respect geared towards enhancing respect for human rights and rule of law. 

I am happy to share with you this annual report which highlights key achievements and success stories recorded by LHRC in 2019 as a result of the implementation of her new six-year strategic plan 2019- 2024 and a three-year work plan 2019-2021. 
The main focus of LHRC in 2019 was to address the closing civic space in Tanzania, LHRC deployed strategies such as bill analysis and submission of recommendations, strategic litigation, engagement with the duty bearers and stakeholders to influence the change of restrictive laws and arbitrary actions that affect civic space in Tanzania. 2019 continued to be a challenging year for human rights CSOs, the media and government critics, given the existence and continued application of restrictive laws, including freedom of expression laws and the NGOs Act. 

Arbitrary actions such as abductions, disappearances and unfair treatment of politicians, especially those from the opposition parties during the Local Government Elections of 2019, triggered public concern and prompted LHRC’s intervention to safeguard key civil and political rights. Apart from civil and political rights, LHRC strived to empower the public on the need to protect and promote the rights of children, women and PWDs following a reported increase of violence against these groups. 
Despite the challenging working environment, LHRC remained focused and intensified its efforts to reach out to rights holders and duty bearers by opening a new office in Dodoma. The new office provides an opportunity for LHRC and government actors to work closely together and build a better and positive relationship with the Government. The office also enables LHRC to bring its legal and human rights services closer to the people residing in the Central Zone and nearby areas. 

Moving forward, the year 2020 is a very important period for all Tanzanians, as we head towards the General Elections scheduled for late 2020. LHRC will fully engage with rights holders and duty bearers to ensure the elections are conducted in a peaceful manner and are free and fair. LHRC will also seek to engage in civic and voter education, election observation and call for increased accountability for those tasked with managing and overseeing the elections. Other human rights advocacy initiatives and campaigns will continue in line with LHRC’s Strategic Plan and Operational Plan. 

I humbly invite you to read our 2019 Annual Progress Report for further details; and we will be happy to receive your feedback, which will help to shape and improve LHRC’s work for the year 2020. 

Anna Henga, 
Executive Director – LHRC